SMART: Surviving Motherhood And Really Thriving

SMART: Surviving Motherhood And Really Thriving

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Start SMART and you will enter motherhood prepared + confident, emerging as the best possible version of the new you!

This  one of a kind 8 week digital course is designed to make sense of common new mom concerns, giving you all the tools you need to confidently manage pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. SMART may be for you if you have questions about:

Pregnancy workout guidelines
Back pain while pregnant
How to manage morning sickness + cravings 
Breastfeeding 101
What to expect during labor
How to cope with labor pain
Realistic postpartum
Pelvic Floor 101
Postpartum recovery foods
Stress Incontinence 
What to expect in the first year
A day in the life of a working mom 
How to build a breastmilk stash
Developmental milestones
...and MUCH more


SMART also includes:

  • Daily written + video tutorials
  • Membership to the free New Mom Guru Facebook group
  • Affiliate program (10% discount code to share, you receive $20 each time your code is used)