PREP: Pelvic Rehab Exercise Program

PREP: Pelvic Rehab Exercise Program

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6 week Pelvic Floor Bootcamp 

Is PREP the right program for you? TAKE THE PELVIC FLOOR QUIZ FIRST! 

If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, you have a 91% chance of having pelvic floor dysfunction, and you would benefit from a Physical Therapy evaluation to customize your PREP experience for the most benefit! Still not sure? Schedule a FREE 10 minute consultation HERE to chat with an expert.

  • 6 Levels of self paced Pelvic Floor + Core exercises now with videos!
  • Diastasis Recovery Plan
  • Bonus Stretching Program
  • C-section Recovery Guide 
  • Posture + Breathing tutorials
  • Virtual program from the privacy of your home
  • Learn how to stop or reduce bladder leakage + heal your diastasis recti (aka "mommy tummy")
  • Appropriate for any age or stage in life, even if you had a baby decades ago
  • Expert education on the pelvic floor + it's function so that you understand your body and how you can help it!
  • Private Consultations available
  • Affiliate program for current clients + discount for new client (10% coupon to share with friends/family and you receive $20 each time your code is used)!