4 Week Postpartum Meal Plan

4 Week Postpartum Meal Plan

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Your plan includes:

  • Weekly shopping list
  • Recommended pantry staples
  • Nutrition facts for each meal
  • 3 days of meals + snacks per week 
  • All foods selected to optimize postpartum healing, increase energy, help with milk production, elevate mood, and improve sleep quality. 

This 4 week Postpartum Meal Plan is designed specifically  by our Registered Dietitian + Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for YOU + all the unique needs your postpartum body has. 

We've balanced your options to give you enough variety, while still providing a realistic plan. For this reason, you will find just 3 days of meals per week. In "mom" code this translates to a full week because most meals will provide leftovers so you can repeat the next day. Besides, who wants to serve up a new dish every meal?!

Also, make sure to peak at the "Pantry staples to have on hand" list. Most of these items repeat each week, so less grocery shopping for you mama!

By now you know that having a newborn is not easy and naturally there will be times where you don’t feel like cooking healthy foods...just try to do what you can! We recommend making meals in batches so you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen, giving you more time to sleep/snuggle babe!